Friday, February 25, 2005


As an "Iddiot" in the Idiot's Delight Digest, I've come across Toobworldian musings from many of my fellow Iddiots. Recently "Guava George" posted this piece about an upcoming show on ABC and its multiverse beginnings.........

Stephen Bochco, creator of NYPD Blue, put out a novel in 2003 called "Death By Hollywood" about a screenwriter who kills his wife’s lover. Lots of in-jokes in the book, including references to NYPDB and the fact that the story in the book is turned into a screenplay by one of the characters. Integral to the plot is a short story called "First Dog," written by Bobby, the screenwriter character.

In the short story, a writer named Ron is working on a script late at night, when his girlfriend’s dog Bob starts talking to him. Bob gives an idea for a screenplay called "First Dog," about a talking dog who becomes President. Ron’s response is lukewarm, so a few days later Bob gives him another idea, which Ron turns into a hit show about a professor who’s really a spy.

After that, Bob says nothing to Ron for a couple of years.

Then one day he gives Ron another idea. Here’s the last paragraph of the short story:

"Well," Bob says," there’s this one idea I’ve been working on, it’s about this tough cop who gets blinded in a gun battle, and he’s too young to retire, he still wants to be a cop, so he gets this guide dog named Bob…"

It would give away a huge plot twist to say what happens next, but I can say that, in the novel, the show Bob describes is eventually created and called "Blind Justice."

"Blind Justice" starts on ABC in a couple of weeks.

Guava George

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