Saturday, February 5, 2005


During this week's episode of 'Enterprise', Shran (of the Andorian Imperial Guard) was inspecting the framed illustrations of all the Earth ships which have proudly born the name of Enterprise.

Shran worked his way down from the "current" name-bearer, the starship on which he was a guest, to the space shuttle, to the aircraft carrier, and finally to the three-master.

Captain Archer better contact the Future's equivalent of the Franklin Mint and tell them that he's missing one. Between the sailing ship and the aircraft carrier, there should have been a riverboat by the name of Enterprise.

The Enterprise sailed up and down the Mississippi and the Missouri Rivers, where it was the focal point of many an adventure for Captain Grey Holden and his crew.

Considering the fact that 'Enterprise' was just officially canceled by UPN, there doesn't seem to be any time for Archer to get the riverboat's picture up on the wall before the end. So we'll just have to settle for this to be a "Missing Link" between 'Enterprise' and 'Riverboat'.

Sail on!

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