Sunday, January 30, 2005


Sonny Chow was a martial arts movie star in Toobworld until his death in 1998 from a morphine addiction.

Among his many movies are:

Enter The Cobra
Ten Fingers Of Doom
Fist Of The Cobra
Death From The Darkness
Kung Fu Assassin
Legend Of The Cobra
Ninja Fury
Blood Rage II

Apparently, his movies are probably hard to find now in Toobworld. An author who had written an expose about Sonny Chow had only videotapes of the movies, not DVDs. And Lt. Disher considered the bootleg tape of "Enter The Cobra" to be a rare find.

But now that John Ricca, who wrote the hated tell-all "Paper Cobra", was murdered in a failed attempt to convince the police that Sonny Chow was still alive, perhaps it's time to release the movies again in a deluxe DVD boxed set.

It would be a big seller and probably be a lot better than watching DVD of old 'Jetman' shows starring Oscar North......
('Monk' & 'He & She')


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