Monday, January 25, 2021



Besides the new dawn of the Biden administration, the flurry of executive initiatives, and the looming Trump impeachment trial (Number Two for a number two), the big thing to come out of the inauguration was the Bernie Mittens meme tsunami.

I know that many people were sick of the memes within hours of that first deluge, so I’m offering only the Toobworthy ones here, and even those can be a flood.

I think I’m done with the watery metaphors now.

Bernie and his mittens found themselves in sitcoms, cop shows, kid shows, reality shows, sci-fi & fantasy, period pieces, character-driven dramas, game shows, anime, cult classics, and news programs, both local and national. (Plus a couple of actual news stories.)

I’m also including a trio of memes from my all-time favorite movie, which used to be a once-yearly TV event in my youth.  My blog, my rules.

TV show-connected memes which I’m surprised I haven’t seen done yet:

Bernie Mittens in ‘Let’s Make A Deal’, ‘The  Price Is Right’, ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show’, in the water tower of ‘Petticoat Junction’, the group family photo for ‘Soap’, ‘Lost in Space’, ‘Twin Peaks’, ‘Dynasty’, ‘Charlie’s Angels’, ‘The Love Boat’, 'Captain Kangaroo', and TV Westerns (‘Bonanza’, ‘Maverick’ - at the poker table, natch! - and as the guy at the end of the street having a showdown with Marshal Dillon, in the opening for ‘Gunsmoke’.)

They may have been done, I just haven’t seen them.  (If you have, let me know where to grab them.)

So here ya go!

And that movie I mentioned....?

I hope you enjoyed that. 

Heck, I hope you survived it!

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