Monday, June 4, 2018



Now you wanna tell me where you were
I was with a very famous producer at his place in Malibu.

I can't see how the whole #metoo movement can avoid becoming, at the very least, a Lifetime movie.  And one of the key players who might even have several movies made about him would be mega-producer Harvey Weinstein.

Based on all the reports and allegations about his sickening treatment of women, I can easily imagine that the "very famous producer in Malibu" could be the televersion of Weinstein (but definitely not the real deal).  And the fictional Weinstein more than likely would have tried to take advantage of this favor he was doing for Sean Brantley.

Should there ever be a televersion of Harvey Weinstein who could be considered part of Earth Prime-Time (and not some Skitlandian on a show like 'Saturday Night Live'), then we could add this veiled reference as a theoretical connection to that performance.

(Anybody need a suggestion for casting Harvey Weinstein?  How about Jon Favreau?)

I hope a movie is made to depict his crimes.  There couldn't be a more deserving fellow to be tarred with such a pop culture stain.


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