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When actor Josh Roberts moved back to New York City and into the apartment squeezed between his parents and his brother and his family.  A “Welcome Home” gift was a giant poster of Josh’s last acting job: the lead role in a TV show called ‘Blind Cop’.

Based on that poster – the tagline “See No Evil”, the position of Josh (looking one way but aiming in the opposite direction) – I would think it was being marketed either as a straight-out sitcom or as a light-hearted hour-long police procedural. 

At the very least, I trust the network’s law squad had locked up the rights to the life story of Jim Dunbar before the series went into production….


Jim Dunbar was an NYPD detective who had been blinded during a shoot-out with a suspect.  In late 2004/early 2005, Dunbar and his partner had arrived in response to a distress call from two other officers who had already expended all of their ammunition. 
Seeing how dire their situation was, Dunbar’s partner froze in fear which left Dunbar to bring down the gunman on his own. 

But while making the attempt, Jim Dunbar was shot and although he survived it, he was left blind.  He ended up suing the NYPD – not for money, but for the right to continue working for the department as a detective.  (He may have found inspiration in the San Francisco Police Department’s consultant, former Police Chief Robert T. Ironside.)

When Dunbar signed the contract with the production company to make a TV series about his life, he might not have had the best representation by his side, as it does appear that even If “Blind Cop” was presented as a straight drama, the audience thought it was a joke.

Dunbar probably had the same reactions from the people in his life, both at home and on the job.  (I think on the whole, the Trueniverse audience saw the premise of ‘Blind Justice’ to be too far-fetched.) 

At any rate, ‘Blind Cop’ was eventually canceled by the network.  But as I know, Detective Jim Dunbar is still on the job.  That’s how it goes in Toobworld….


(No offense, Jim.....)

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