Monday, May 15, 2017


From the IMDb: 

In 1969, Cliff Norton starred in an unsold sitcom pilot for CBS called "Vernon's Volunteers." The plot concerned the enthusiastic but incompetent volunteer fire department who protects the small town of Vernon from burning to the ground. 

Here's the entry for the pilot from Lee Goldberg's incredible research tome "Unsold Television Pilots (1955 through 1989)":

VERNON'S VOLUNTEERS. 30 MIN. Production Company: CBS Productions.  Director: Charles Barton. Producer: Si Rose.  Writer/Creator: Walter Kempley.  The misadventures of the willing, but inept, volunteer fire department in the small, rural town of Vernon.  Joe Flynn played the chairman of the town council and Paul Winchell was the fire chief.  Other cast members included Mickey Shaughnessy and Cliff Norton.

Goldberg doesn't list an airdate so it never even got burned off in a summer playhouse special.  

I can't claim it as being official since the pilot was never broadcast, but I'd like to think that the Vernon of the show was the Vernon in Connecticut.  

My Toobworld adventures are mostly situated in the televersion of Connecticut.  The real cities and towns are represented - Hartford ('Judging Amy'), New Canaan ('The Montefuscos'), Bridgeport ('Muggsy'), Stamford ('My Wife And Kids'), Fairfield ('Who's The Boss'), Greenwich ('The Mick'), New Haven ('Scorch' and 'The Mike O'Malley Show'), and Westport ('I Love Lucy', 'Bewitched', 'American Housewife').  

Vernon would fit right in.....

Like I said, it can't be official, but for my own bleeps and giggles I'll "make it so."


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