Friday, May 26, 2017



At the beginning of the episode, Malcolm and Eddie are watching a kung fu movie on Channel 15*.  But the movie kept getting interrupted by the TV switching over to Channel 28* which was showing a chick flick called "Give Me Back My Liver."

That movie starred the televersion of a friend of mine, Shirley Jordan.  [I'll have more on that when her birthday rolls around.....]

But as for the movie Malcolm and Eddie were watching, I have Rob Buckley to thank for tracking that down.  It was a clip from a 1971 martial arts movie by the Shaw Brothers - "Duel Of The Iron Fist" which starred Lung Ti and David Chiang.  That screencap above is basically the same moment as seen on the guys' TV.
Here's the full clip:

I've never been a fan of this genre - the closest I ever came to liking something similar was the parody that makes up the finale of "Kentucky Fried Movie" starring Evan Kim.  Hey, it spoofed "The Wizard Of Oz" so how could I not like it?

But I may watch the entirety of this movie, if only for the performance of David Chiang.  I've always had a soft spot for those laid-back, detached, sardonic, somewhat sophisticated characters, whether the good guy or the villain.  Patrick McGoohan and George Sanders come to mind.  I think Chiang's character here (Chiang Nan - "The Rambler") would be welcome in their group.  There's also something about him that reminds me of Jackie Earle Haley.....

So this movie from Earth Prime also exists in Earth Prime-Time. I see no reason to make things more difficult by claiming it was some fictional movie.


* As of 2017, there is no Channel 15 in Kansas City, but I don't know if that was so 17 years ago.  The same goes for Channel 28. No matter.  Those TV stations existed in Toobworld and they're probably still broadcasting.


Rob Buckley said...

You're welcome!

Todd Mason said...

Sitcoms and the like do have incentive to not cite real stations...though at least s far back as the original HAWAII FIVE-O cooperation in remotes with one's network affiliate, if they are not shown in any sort bad light, might occur.