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My Family: 

The Mouthtrap (2004)
The show gets mentioned several times on this episode.

Doctor Who: 
Fear Her (2006)
The Doctor calls Rose "Lewis" several times.

Peep Show: 
Burgling (2008)
While pinning down a teenage burglar, Mark thinks "Morse never did this! I'm better than Morse!"

Peep Show: 
Jeremy's Broke (2008)
Marks talks about watching 'Morse' (among other activities) with Saz if she'll be his girlfriend.

The Thick of It: 
Episode #4.1 (2012)
Peter compares himself and Fergus to Morse and Lewis.

Great Night Out: 
Episode #1.5 (2013)
mentioned by Daz

Colin Dexter recently passed away, predeceased by his creation, Inspector Morse.  Morse was a Multiversal, existing in BookWorld, Toobworld, and the Audioverse.

But in those TV series mentioned above, TV shows which should exist in the same dimension as 'Morse', they talk about Morse as a TV character.

I don't see this as a Zonk.  It's a Toobworld dictum that everybody in Toobworld will have a TV show made about them.  And the idea of a whodunnit taking place in a unique setting like Oxford is like catnip, hard to resist.

So deals would be made, papers signed, and soon a TV show fictionalizing the cases solved by Morse would be on the air.  And even that Gallifreyan Time Lord would know about it.  

Or maybe the Doctor didn't know about the show, but he did know about Morse.  I wouldn't be surprised if he even stepped in to assist Morse in a case or two over the years.  And Morse probably didn't even know about the secret behind this "Doctor".  Considering how long Morse was active in the Oxford University Constabulary (now replaced by the Thames Valley Police), it could be that Morse dealt with at least two incarnations of the Doctor on different cases, or maybe met him in a more mundane manner - say, at a Wagnerian concert, or a convention of crossword puzzle aficionados.  (But I would never claim that a perv suspect named George Jackson nor a dyslexic named Terence Mitchll were incarnations of the Doctor.)


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