Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Whenever I come up with a theory of relateeveety, I need to make it interesting - at least to me.  (I apologize if you find them boring.)  There has to be more for me to claim two unrelated characters from different shows could be identical twins or at least identical cousins.  For instance, the fact that David Lipman played Judge Morris Turledsky on 'Law & Order' and 'Trial By Jury' at the same time as he was playing Judge Arthur Cohen in 'Special Victims Unit' should have been a Zonk.  Had he only appeared in one 'SVU' episode, I would have just claimed that Judge Turledsky forgot to remove the name plaque for Judge Cohen.  But Cohen was in eleven episodes while Turledsky was in 26 episodes of the "mothership" and in two more for 'Trial By Jury'.

So I came up with the theory of relateeveety that when they were just babies, Morris and Arthur were separated due to their parents' divorce with one going to be raised by the mother and the other by the father.  Eventually, the mother remarried and she had her son's last name legally changed.  And I liked the idea that despite being raised apart from each other, both Morris and Arthur followed a similar career path to become Manhattan jurists.

Don Rickles passed away the other day.  He had been a big influence on me and one of my favorite comics.  And so I was glad to "immortalize" him in the Toobworld Dynamic with membership in the Television Crossover Hall of Fame.  

But I still wanted to do more. And that's why I came up with this theory of "relateeveety".


As I mentioned, I needed to find something more to make it interesting for me.  I could have chosen any combination of Rickles' other characters in TV shows to claim as being identical "cousins".  But the reason I picked Lyle and Sid was because they each appeared in two episodes of their respective sitcoms.  Lyle Delp with 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' ("4½" and "The Alan Brady Show Goes To Jail") and Sid Krimm in 'Get Smart' ("The Little Black Book Parts 1 & 2").


Unlike the example of Morris Turledsky and Arthur Cohen, I think Lyle and Sid were identical "cousins".  Identical cousins are an accepted splainin for characters who resembled each other (because of them being played by the same actor in the real world.  Duh.)

You may have noticed that when talking about the case of Sid Krimm and Lyle Delp, I used asterisks for the word "cousins".  And that's because they weren't actually cousins in the sense that Patty and Cathy Lane were.  Instead, they were half-brothers, sharing the same father but having different mothers.  Their father, whose name we don't know, had affairs with two women back in 1926, one named Krimm and the other Delp.  (I don't know if either of those women were married or not when they had their affairs.)

As with Morris and Arthur, I didn't want to choose one over the other as carrying on the family name.  So I don't think either Sid or Lyle were raised by their common father.  Their father may not ever have married.  (Or I can press my luck and claim that he sired yet another TV character who resembled Don Rickles.)  

I doubt Lyle and Sid even knew each other, let alone knew that they were brothers.

But I will make another claim of "relateeveety" thanks to tele-genetics.  Whoever their birth father was, I think Sid and Lyle's great-grandfather was Azmodeus, the notorious dabbler in the black arts in Washington D.C. back in the 1870s.  And what his real name was, I have no clue.


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