Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Toobworld has always been great in providing fictional movies only found in the TV Universe.  But the movies we would see at the local cinema are also available In Earth Prime-Time.  However, sometimes there could be differences between the movies we see and the versions over there.  

For instance, the vampire Mitchell supposedly "acted" in "Casablanca", but - being a vampire - couldn't be seen on the film.  (I did examine the movie again, one I've seen probably 20 times, looking for possibilities and here is my report on that.)

But it's not often we get to see clips from those movies within the framework of a TV series; at best we get to hear the dialogue - like "It's A Wonderful Life" as heard in the 'Father Dowling Mystery' episode "The Ghost Of A Chance Mystery".  Certain movies though one would expect to see in Toobworld, either on a character's home TV or in the cinemas. A good example of that would be "Titanic" as seen in 'Movie Stars'.  Remember that moment when a body bounced off the ship's propeller?  That was supposedly hapless actor Todd Hardin.

The latest example is "Pillow Talk" which starred Rock Hudson and Doris Day.  This split-screen shot was seen on Daisy's TV in the "Labor Of Love" episode of 'Madam Secretary' when the FBI arrived to search her apartment.  

Here are some other references to "Pillow Talk":

The Lucy Show: 
Lucy Goes to a Hollywood Premiere (1966)

The Ropers: 
The Doris Letters (1979)

Mad Men: 
Long Weekend (2007) 
Joan says she feels like she is stuck somewhere between Doris Day in "Pillow Talk" and "Midnight Lace".

The Doctor Blake Mysteries:
Still Waters
Title seen on front of theatre

The Doctor Blake Mysteries:
Crossing the Line
A poster is seen

I Am Also A We
Poster seen

All that information comes from the IMDb.

So we know that "Pillow Talk" not only exists in the main Toobworld, but also in the alternate TV dimension of 'Madam Secretary'.  (It has to be located in a different Toobworld because they have a different President of the United States in Conrad Dalton.)

We know that Rock Hudson and Doris Day are in the movie, thanks to that screen grab, but there could always be differences between the real movie and its "televersion".  Maybe there was an alteration in the script, although we know from 'Columbo' that Rock Hudson's character would survive - you don't kill off Rock Hudson.

But some of the other actors might have been recast, perhaps even with some fictional actors like Sam Garrett ('The Hero' of 'Jed Clayton, US Marshal').

I suppose if the show continued with scenes from the movie, we might have seen some of those differences.  But I guess the surprise intrusion of the Feds was a bit more interesting....


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