Monday, February 13, 2017


Circa 1956, a son was born to the Caine family in New York City.  (He had a brother named Raymond.)  Mr. Caine was an admirer of a British captialist named Horatio Kane, who was generally considered to be the father of modern industry.  As such, he decided to name his son after "King" Kane, in the hopes that the boy would grow up to emulate his namesake in the world of business, high finance, and manufacturing.

Had he lived, Mr. Caine would have been disappointed by young Horatio's career path, but then he only had himself to blame.  Caine was an abusive man, prone to beating his wife and two sons.  In a drunken rage one night, he killed his wife and was then in turn killed by Horatio who was trying to protect his mother.  This influenced Horatio Kane to pursue his future in police methods, eventually becoming head of the day shift at the crime lab for the MIami Police Department.

As it turned out, Horatio "King" Kane was not the great man Mr. Caine believed him to be.  When young Horatio Caine was nine years old, Kane bought Pinter's Department Store in London and transformed the building into a nuclear bomb which he planned to use to hold the British government to ransom.  HIs desire was to take control of the entire country.  Luckily two agents of Her Majesty's Secret Service, John Steed and Mrs. Emma Knight Peel, were able to prevent this and bring an end to "King" Kane's mad plan for conquest.

In the many years during which the Trueniverse audience was able to witness Horatio Caine's career with the crime lab, he never once mentioned that he had something of a connection to the infamous Horatio Kane.  But honestly - is it something you'd want to share with the world?


"Death At Bargain Prices"

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Was just watching The Avengers and was stunned to hear Horacio Kane mentioned and found your blog. Excellent history lesson.