Monday, January 30, 2017


That is an exact replica of the Ark of the Covenant.

It's not a replica.
Don't touch it or you'll be electrocuted.
Or as they used to say, "smote down. "

Am I on TV?
Is this one of those hidden-camera shows?

Trust me, Flynn, this...
This is your destiny.


From the wikia for 'The Librarians':
  • The Ark of the Covenant is an artifact in The Library.
  • The  Ark of the Covenant is cited in ancient Hebrew texts as a symbol of mankind's allegiance with God. It has appeared many times in popular culture (e.g "Raiders of the Lost Ark"), usually, having supernatural powers. It is thought to be in Axum, Ethiopia , a city with huge historical value.
  • As it was never seen [in action] on the series, its powers are unknown.
And speaking of "Raiders"......

There have been four movies in the movie universe about Professor Henry "Indiana" Jones, archaeologist and adventurer.  And in between them there was a TV series about Jones as a boy and as a young man, and there was a TV movie which showcased Harrison Ford to one of the roles that will grant him cinema immortality.

Because of the TV show and movie, Toobworld Central has grabbed copies of the Indiana Jones movie franchise and absorbed them into the TV Universe.  

So the Ark of the Covenant was grabbed by Indy in the 1940s in the TV Universe as well.

But where was it stored?

Eventually it ended up in the Library as noted in that scene above.  But before that it must have been snagged, bagged, and tagged for 'Warehouse 13'.  Since all of the Indiana Jones saga should be considered part of Toobworld, then it makes sense that the Ark would be stored by the US Government in the Warehouse while Warehouse 13 was under "control" of the United States.

But the shadowy operatives who really govern in "Telemerica" knew eventually the Warehouse would relocate to another country.  And they couldn't let its incredible power potentially fall into the hands of one of America's enemies.

Whether the Ark was transferred willingly to the Metropolitan Library or the Librarian and Guardian who served prior to Edward Wilde took it upon themselves to "liberate" it, but it now resides in the Library.

We'll just have to wait and see if any other TV show tries to access the Ark for its own purposes.....


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