Friday, December 30, 2016


Brick Heck: 
I need to find out how it all pans out 
between Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. 
And also who Eddie Fisher is.
'The Middle'

From the New York Daily News:

Silver screen icon Debbie Reynolds died Wednesday after reportedly suffering a stroke — just a day after the death of her daughter, Carrie Fisher. She was 84.

Reynolds was at the Beverly Hills home of her son, Todd Fisher, discussing funeral plans for her daughter when she suffered the medical emergency around 1 p.m.

“My mom is with my sister,” Todd Fisher told the Daily News Wednesday evening, breaking down in tears.

Debbie Reynolds' entry into the Television Crossover Hall of Fame is not just an honorary tribute.  While she will always be revered for her movies, especially "Singing In The Rain", and she appeared in dozens of TV shows (including two series she headlined), Debbie just barely met the requirements for membership in the Hall as her fictional televersion.  Holding her own against Tracy Ullman's gossipy makeup artist Ruby Romaine, a cameo in an episode of 'Bracken's World', and as the featured guest of the puppet Madame at 'Madame's Place'.

"Tracy Ullman in Trailer Tales" brought her character of Ruby Romaine out of Skitlandia into Earth Prime-Time with the special.

However, there was also that reference to her by Brick Heck in 'The Middle' as seen above.  And that establishes that she did indeed exist in the TV Universe.

Besides, she wanted to be with her daughter in the afterlife.  I don't feel right in keeping them separated when it comes to Toobworld....

And so Debbie Reynolds is beamed into the immortality - such as it is - of the Television Crossover Hall of Fame.

Bracken's World
- It's the Power Structure, Baby (1969)

Madame's Place
- Episode #1.7 (1982)

Tracey Ullman in the Trailer Tales (2003)

The Middle
 - The War Of The Hecks (2014)

If I was feeling charitable, I suppose I would add her appearances on certain programs that have confirmed presences in the TV Universe - 'Tonight' ('Cheers'), 'The Merv Griffin Show' ('Seinfeld'), 'Hollywood Squares' ('The Nanny').  But I'm not going to push it.  She made the cut.

Good night and may God bless......

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