Sunday, October 23, 2016


On 'You're The Worst', publicist Gretchen Cutler claimed that she did two of the Baldwin brothers. 

In case you're not familiar with all of them, here they are:

Alec Baldwin (born 1958)
Daniel Baldwin (born 1960)
William Baldwin (born 1963)
Stephen Baldwin (born 1966)

[The pictures are not in order.]

She didn't specify the brothers involved, and I could see Jimmy becoming obsessed with trying to identify which ones.  The guessing game could even become a recurring theme with quick references, sub-plots....  

Maybe a few of those siblings might even show up in an episode which could stir up the speculation. 

Since it was a throw-away joke that could be revisited (no matter how unlikely), I'm not about to lock in any definite answer.  Alls I know is that Stephen Baldwin seems the most logical. 

But as for the other Baldwin she mounted?  

I think the ultimate payoff would be for Jimmy to find out that Gretchen had sex with Adam Baldwin who isn't even related to the acting dynasty of Massapequa!


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