Thursday, November 28, 2013


A nine-year losing streak in the annual holiday game at Ford Field ended Thursday with a 40-10 rout of the sinking Green Bay Packers, who couldn't turn four Lions turnovers into a badly needed road win. 
- Andrew Weber
USA Today Sports

That's how it played out in the Trueniverse.  But for Toobworld...?

In the "Thanksgiving" episode of 'Last Man Standing', the timeline for the Detroit Lions was the same as in the real world - they had not won for the last nine Thanksgivings. 

But by the end of the 2013 Thanksgiving game in Toobworld, the Lions lost yet again... but still covered the 4 point spread.  

Compared to the presence of androids, aliens, and talking animals in Toobworld, this difference between Earth Prime and Earth Prime-Time is definitely negligible. 

But not enough to escape the notice of this cathode cartographer.......


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