Friday, November 12, 2010


Today we're putting the spotlight on some of the Toobworldly insights provided by Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. in one of his "Mayberry Monday" posts over at "Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear" - for the 'Mayberry RFD' episode "The Church Bell".

I thought we would start off with his comments about a couple of characters played by Willis Bouchey......
Because this gentleman resides in Siler City, I suppose we shouldn’t make too much of the fact that he bears a strong resemblance to Mayberry High’s principal, whom we last saw in the episode
“Driver Education.” (This is because he’s played by the same actor, veteran character great Bill Bouchey.) But I bet when the day comes and these two meet face-to-face, it’s going to be a major freak-out.

I had always been a big fan of Willis Bouchey, but that was solely based on his participation in 'Perry Mason' as one of the four stock judges in the L.A. court system. Only years later, when I became active in the concept of the Toobworld Dynamic, did I come to appreciate his other roles on TV - in 'The Munsters', for example, where he played another school principal. (I was tempted to say both characters were the same, despite the difference in names - Adams and Bradley - but other logistical problems prevented that.)

I think Ivan is right that there would be a major row once Principal Adams and Reverend Bickford met, although I think it would have happened before either episode aired. This is O'Bviously a case similar to that of Floyd Lawson and a fellow named Mitchell over in Pitchville Flats, North Carolina - as seen in 'The Twilight Zone' episode "Hocus Pocus And Frisby': both men are half-brothers, very closely similar in appearance. Not identical twins, but more than the common (for Toobworld) case of identical cousins. When the two doppelgangers are situated so closely to each other, the half-brother option is the way to go. Since Siler City is apparently not that far away from Mayberry, the father of Bickford and Adams must have kept a little somethin'-somethin' on the side in the other town. (No idea if the father was an Adams or a Bickford, but I'm leaning towards him being an Adams. That way, Reverend Bickford, growing up as a bastard, would have the inspiration needed for him to pursue a holier path in life.)

It might seem wrong that there are so many otherwise faithful husbands out there in TV Land who have mistresses. But you can blame the heavy influence of soap operas on that scenario being played out in all sorts of TV shows, even in a wholesome one like 'Mayberry RFD'.....


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