Sunday, November 15, 2009


"Cadwallader's my name.
At least it's the name I'm using this month.
Has a nice feeling on the tongue.
Mr. Cadwallader
'The Twilight Zone'

I've been gone so long from regular blogging that a few new shows from the Fall season of 2009 have already been cast aside.

One of these was 'Eastwick', based on a novel by John Updike (which also spawned - good choice of words! - a movie version back in the late 1980s). Even though this went to series, albeit a short-lived one, I'm not sure this version of the story should be considered for Earth Prime-Time, as there were two earlier attempts to launch a series with TV movie pilots in 1992 and in 2002.

(2009, 2002, 1992)

In any event, the Devil may be one of those characters, like God Himself, who transcends the boundaries of parallel dimensions to be the same personage in all of them. At any rate, no matter which version of "The Witches Of Eastwick" is chosen for Earth Prime-Time, that incarnation of the Devil is the same character from 'Reaper', as well as from 'Brimstone'. He's a master of disguise, so he can go from looking like John Glover to Ray Wise to either Paul Gross, Jason O'Mara, or Michael Siberry... whoever the Hell (literally!) he is. Not to mention all of his other incarnations in other TV shows (like 'The Twilight Zone' and even 'South Park'). Unlike his former Boss, the Devil can't be everywhere at once. So when he wasn't with his son Sam Oliver in Seattle, he'd be haranguing Ezekiel Stone, another of his bounty hunters in New York City, or just taking time off for a little fling with his three dalliances in Eastwick.

By the way, no matter where the 2009 'Eastwick' ends up, it does have a missing link to another series. The town may be hundreds of years old, but there was a real estate development make-over in the past several decades, which was designed by the same architectural planner who created the look for the Connecticut town of Stars Hollow [as seen in 'Gilmore Girls']. In fact, the Eastwick Diner looks like the same structure as Luke's Diner in Stars Hollow. BCnU!

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