Wednesday, October 28, 2009


For the final entry into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame for October - the month of Halloween, Samhain, monsters of all varieties and some sadly too human, we must showcase a location - as has been the tradition this year of the Hall's tenth anniversary.

Last year at this time, the TV Crossover Hall of Fame saluted to classic residents of Toobworld whose portrayers had earlier passed away. And yet although the actors may have been dead in the real world, the characters still existed in Toobworld. And they'll never die because they're already members of the undead.

I'm speaking of Lily Munster and her father Grampa, as played by Yvonne DeCarlo and Al Lewis.

So I figured - why not pay tribute to the home in which they lived, at 1313 Mockinbird Lane in Mockingbird Heights?

The residence can be seen in the TV show 'The Munsters' and in the theatrical movie "Munsters Go Home" and in the TV movie "Munsters' Revenge". And thus it qualifies for inclusion in the Hall. (Earth Prime-Time often absorbs theatrically released movies.)
Here's mud in your third eye.....


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