Sunday, May 31, 2009


For those who have seen the new "Star Trek" film....... Lorenzo James Henrie plays the young Vulcan bully who goads Spock into giving him a good thrashing by calling Spock's mother a whore.

He's only listed in the credits (to be found at the as "Vulcan Bully #1". But I put it to you that he is, in fact, Sybok - the elder son of Sarek.

He never really says anything bad about Sarek, only of Amanda Grayson and by extension Spock (who would be his half-brother). So if he was Sybok, he would not have been trashing his father, only the choices he made after his Vulcan princess mother passed away.

Just an idea.....

Live long and BCnU!


Anonymous said...

Now, what an interesting observation! Your idea has much merit.

Unknown said...
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