Monday, September 19, 2005


In an interview with the Daily Express, Richard Curtis (who wrote the 'Blackadder' series with Rowan Atkinson) said that the characters will return in 2006. In the first four series we met a Blackadder from four different time periods, but apparently this time we'll be revisiting Blackadder, Baldrick, and the others from 'Blackadder Goes Forth' which was set in during WWI.

And that means Curtis and Atkinson will have to work around the fact that the characters were rushing headlong into death (the fate for just about every character in all of the previous 'Blackadder' series).

But as that Kid Having Kids Sean Shoehand reminded me, Tony Robinson (Baldrick) mentioned in an interview a few years ago that the original plan was to set the next series in the 1960s.

I think this is the way to go, myself. First off, with the zeitgeist of those times, they can go in several different directions to fit in with the pop culture and still cleverly work in the combination of 'Blackadder' with 'Five'.

For example, the sixties were the height of spy adventures on TV. 'The Avengers', 'Danger Man', 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.', 'Get Smart'. So why not a show about 'Blackadder MI5'?

On the other hand, although I once thought Rowan Atkinson would be perfect for a spoof on the spy game, I've since seen "Johnny English".

And then there's the music scene, the British Invasion that brought us the Beatles, the Stones, The Who, and the Rutles.

So why not 'The Blackadder Five'? Of course, Baldrick would have to be the skanky drummer of the group. Think Animal of the Electric Mayhem. Any of the drummers for Spinal Tap. Drummers never get the respect. Or the girls. (Well, okay, Ringo got Barbara Bach, but look what happened to John Bonham and Keith Moon!)

It's unclear if Hugh Laurie would be available for this series since he's pretty busy these days as Doctor 'House'. (And by the way? Regarding the Emmy Award for Best Dramatic Actor? ROBBED!) But Tim McInerney and Stephen Fry should be able to join Atkinson and Robinson in the new series, no matter what incarnation it takes.


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Anonymous said...

I personally am against a return to post WWII Blackadder... One, why not move on to another time period? Seems silly not to. Either back or forward... Mainly because the final scene of Blackadder IV is just so good, why spoil it with an "oh, they're really alive?" Like Frankenstein's sequel. Oh, he didn't really die in the windmill fire...


I loved the Bride of Frankenstein anyway, so here';s hoping it'll be good.

And as for Johnny English, Rowan's movies have always fallen short. he's best in serials. The format is just bad for him...