Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Here's a snippet from a Yahoo! News item:

"Lost, meanwhile, will look to build on its already big season with the upcoming offing of a familiar prime-time face."

I'm not one who likes to get involved with all of the theories flooding the internet about this show. I'm just happy to be along for the ride. And I trust the creators of the show enough to believe that anything the fans come up with, their eventual answers will be better.

But I can't help myself. I find myself playing the guessing game as well.

I'm assuming the above quote means that Robert Patrick of 'The Sopranos' and Tje X-Files' and "Terminator 2" will be killed off in tomorrow night's flashback from Sawyer.

John Terry, the guy who played Jack's father is listed as a guest star for tomorrow night, so that might be the connection between Jack and Sawyer. Did Sawyer have a hand in the death of Jack's Dad?

But the "familiar primetime face" could mean somebody who's now become familiar to America because of 'Lost'. Or somebody on 'Lost' who already was familiar.

To me, that means two people - Matthew Fox (Jack) or Terry O'Quinn (Locke). The producers have said that one of the major characters will die by the end of the first season. And I think it will be one of those two.

For some time, I was thinking it would be Jack. The producers wanted to kill off his character in the pilot episode and even thought of casting a major player like Michael Keaton in the role to give it more of an oomph.

They were talked out of doing it then, but who's to say they don't still harbor thoughts of doing a kevorkian on the good doctor?

However, I vacillate easily. And often. I'm now leaning toward Locke. The secret will be totally revealed to him once he breaches the hatch and off he goes since he knows too much.

And it's usually at this point in any back and forth discussion of 'Lost' theories where I once again toss in the towel and say, "Que sera, sera."


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