Monday, December 13, 2004


News story:
Regis Philbin will fill in as host of ABC's 'New Year's Rockin' Eve 2004' for Dick Clark, who suffered a mild stroke last week, the network announced Monday. Philbin, co-host of the syndicated 'Regis & Kelly', has made subbing for ailing entertainers something of a specialty, coming to David Letterman's aid when Letterman underwent heart bypass surgery in 2000 and recovered from an eye infection in 2003.

"It's the greatest 'temp job' in the world," Philbin said.
Yep...... Nothing says "rockin" like Regis Philbin!


Won't Regis be up waaaay past his bedtime? Maybe he'll have to be put down for nappies right after he gets the four o'clock dinner special at Denny's.

I think Clark pushed for him out of fear that a young up-and-comer at the network - like, say, oh, I don't know..... Jimmy Kimmel??? - would be such a hit in re-invigorating the audience that Clark would never be able to resume the job next year.

Except maybe as the old fuddy who takes us back down memory lane with clips of past shows... before he's wheeled back to the ICU.


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