Tuesday, November 30, 2004


My friend Craig and his wife Tracey have their picture displayed in TV Guide; it's in connection to the FOX "reality" show 'Nanny 911'. They appeared in the second episode, to the derision of those kinds of people who frequent the message boards for such shows.

TV Guide ran an update on the McCray family to determine if the work of Nanny Stella was beneficial to them.
Craig ended up in the glossy pages of the TV Guide. I dream of one day getting in the TV Guide glossy pages!

The best I can claim is that "Toby O'Brien" did show up in the magazine's regular pages of newspaper stock....

But as a fictional character in a 1972 episode of 'Police Story'. Taylor Lacher portrayed that "Toby O'Brien" as a cop.

Am I jealous of Craig and his family of rugrats?

Jealousy is such an ugly word.

But I wasn't that good-looking to begin with, so yeah. You bet your sweet bippy I'm jealous!


"You are born, you live your life in torment and humiliation and then you die..... You need to watch television to distract yourself from your miserable destiny."
-- Brother Theodore
'Late Night with David Letterman'

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