Saturday, November 3, 2007


After the Republican Presidential debate on 'Brothers & Sisters' this past Sunday, Kitty Walker brought in the newspapers of importance which gave Senator Robert McCallister glowing reviews of his performance. The three newspapers she mentioned were the Register, the Times and the Post.

Now, the Times would be the New York Times, I have to imagine. And the Post would be the Washington Post. But how about the Register? Is there a national paper with as much clout as the Times and the Post in the real world?

Even if there is, I'd like to think that particular "paper of record" could be the San Francisco Register, which has been getting plenty of coverage in both NBC's 'Journeyman', and in 'Women's Murder Club' on ABC.

Nothing says it can't be so... so far.......

Toby OB


Brent McKee said...

The Register? Perhaps the Des Moines Register (very important for the Iowa Caucuses)?

Toby said...

Wait a minute....

How come you knew all of that, being over the border and all, and I didn't?

Well, I'll be a dirty bird!

Thanks for checking in, Brent!