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By the time 'Psych' was reaching the half-way hiatus point in its second season this past summer, I finally was clued in that the show was pulling a Hitchcock-styled move. Instead of the director or creator of the show making a cameo appearance in each episode, most of the episodes featured a pineapple in some way. (This is why Shawn and Gus are often seen holding pineapples in the USA network promos.)

It all began during the filming of the pilot. While visiting Gus to cajole him into helping out on his first case, Shawn grabbed his friend's car keys. In an impromptu move, actor James Roday also picked up a pineapple from the same shelf and suggested that they slice it up for the road trip.

The crew found the ad-lib to be hysterical and the scene was left in the final version of the show. Since then, many of the episodes have featured a mention of pineapples in one form or another.

I watched the pilot episode again for research on this article, but I did so before I got Artemus, my new computer. Otherwise I would have done a frame grab of the scene to illustrate it.

Someday I'll get the episode again via Netflix, but in the meantime, here are the pineapple references I found for the first season of 'Psych'. Now, there are some episodes which didn't have any mentions of pineapples and they are so listed. But keep in mind, that's only based on my viewing of the episode. For all I know, pineapples may have appeared in those episodes and I failed to spot them.

If you have any knowledge of references I might have missed, please let me know. (Keep in mind that this is only the first season, and I'll post the second season once it's completed. But feel free to point out references from those episodes just in case I might have missed them.)


1. 1- 1 7 Jul 06 Pilot
Sean found a pineapple while looking for the keys to Gus' car and wanted to take it along with them.

2. 1- 2 14 Jul 06 Spellingg Bee
None found; but it may have been on his shopping list. The only items mentioned were banana, onion, and Mitchum deodorant.
3. 1- 3 21 Jul 06 Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece
Sliced pineapple on a fruit platter in the bridal suite.

4. 1- 4 28 Jul 06 Woman Seeking Dead Husband - Smokers Okay, No Pets
Officer Buzz McNab brought a pineapple smoothie for Shawn.

5. 1- 5 4 Aug 06 9 Lives
Shawn brought a gift pineapple to the Stress Hot line.

6. 1- 6 11 Aug 06 Weekend Warrior
No Pineapple reference found.

7. 1- 7 Aug 06 Who Ya Gonna Call?
No Pineapple reference found.

8. 1- 8 25 Aug 06 Shawn vs. The Red Phantom
No Pineapple reference found.

9. 1- 9 19 Jan 07 Forget Me Not
Coffee shop "Coffee With Attitude" serves a fantastic double chocolate-mango-pineapple scone baked fresh daily.

10. 1-10 26 Jan 07 From the Earth to Starbucks
No Pineapple reference found.
11. 1-11 2 Feb 07 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops He's Dead
In deleted scenes, Shawn is drinking from a pineapple juice box.
12. 1-12 9 Feb 07 Cloudy...Chance of Murder
Shawn is seen snacking from a Tupperware container of pineapple chunks.

13. 1-13 16 Feb 07
Game Set… Muuurder?
No Pineapple reference found.
14. 1-14 23 Feb 07 Poker? I Barely Know Her
No Pineapple reference found... officially. But Shawn and Gus do pass a couple of slot machines which probably used the pineapple as one of their symbols.

15. 1-15 2 Mar 07 Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast
Shawn offered a pineapple as an introductory gift to the main suspect in the case, Alice Bundy. He also may have been drinking pineapple juice in another scene.

When I've finally seen all of the episodes for Season Two of 'Psych', we'll be doing this type of list again for those shows.

Toby OB


Anonymous said...

Hi Toby,

In the spelling bee episode, shawn is eating a slice of pineapple when his dad comes home to Shawn working on the dog house (the night scene before he has his bike accident).

Toby said...

Thanks! I'll have to grab a shot of that!

Anonymous said...

in weekend warriors, shawn may have made a reference or asked about Pineapple Snapple. check it to verify, as i am not sure at this moment.