Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Toobworld is different from the real world in so many ways - towns that don't exist in our world, like Fernwood, Ohio, Twin Peaks, Hooterville, and Cicely and Elmo, Alaska; fictional countries like Svardia, Caronia, and the Isle of Mypos; and an underground realm known as Eternia. It's a world where the squirrels are intelligent petty thieves and the horses can talk.

Even the weather is different from our own.
This season, while the cops of 'K-Ville' grappled with the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina from several years ago, Larry David took in a family displaced by Hurricane Edna. Here in the real world, the "E"-named tropical storm Erin formed in early August but never developed into a full-blown hurricane. (Still it killed a number of people when it made landfall.)

Back in 2003, Hurricane Anthony struck Miami in an episode of 'CSI: Miami', but it was Hurricane Ana for us in the real world.

Another interesting weather development this season took place nearly fifty years ago in Toobworld. In the 'Jericho' mystery "The Hollow Men", London was beset by a killer smog that gripped the city for days. Although the same thing didn't happen in 1958, the year in which 'Jericho' takes place, it was reminiscent of "The Big Smoke" of 1952, which caused thousands of deaths in London between December 5th and December 9th of that year.

Extreme weather conditions have been great for crossovers on Toobworld. NBC used a hurricane to link together all of their Miami-based shows back in the 1990s, while ABC featured a giant snowstorm in some of their shows in order to bring attention to their Stephen King mini-series, "The Storm Of The Century".

It's definitely too soon, but I wouldn't put it past one of the networks to use the California wildfires to link together their shows which are set in the Los Angeles area......

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