Monday, October 29, 2007


While under the influence of "Blink", a drug created from a 4400 power, NTAC agent Tom Baldwin thought he was visited by the spirit of his dead father. (The man he knew as his Dad bore an uncanny resemblance to actor Brian Dennehy, by the way.)

But what if Mitch Baldwin was not his biological father?
During his time travel trips to 1975, San Francisco Register reporter Dan Vasser got to meet with his own father, who bore an amazing resemblance to Tom Baldwin. (And both Tom Baldwin and Frank Vasser look exactly like an actor named Joel Grestch. Howzabout that?)

Frank Vasser was a journalist who covered the Viet Nam war and who was gone from his family for very long stretches of time. Suppose not all of those trips away from his family in San Francisco had to do with his career? What if he was carrying on an affair farther north in Seattle with Tom Baldwin's mother, who would be cheating on Mitch Baldwin?

That would make Dan and Jack Vasser (his cop brother) half-brothers with Tom Baldwin. And it would mean Tom Baldwin had the stronger share of Frank Vasser's genetic make-up, if not his surname.

'The 4400'

Toby OB

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