Tuesday, October 30, 2007


"I, Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus... this, that and the other..."
Emperor Claudius
[opening lines]
'I, Claudius'

Once he was named assistant manager of the Buy More, we learned Harry's full name was Harold Tiberius Tang on this week's episode of 'Chuck' ("Chuck vs. the Sandworm"). That makes four Toobworld characters - that I know of! - who have Tiberius as their middle name.

The other three are:

Woodrow "Woody" Tiberius Boyd - 'Cheers'
Captain James "Jim" Tiberius Kirk - 'Star Trek'
Lieutenant William "Bill" Tiberius Rice - 'The Lieutenant'

One of the two main characters in my Toobworld novel is Tiberius Cooper, but everybody knows him as Toob Cooper. (The other is his twin brother, Thompson.)

Toby OB

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