Thursday, November 1, 2007


There was no Zonk in the fact that Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan was dressed as Wonder Woman for Halloween in this week's episode ("Mummy In The Maze"). Wonder Woman is an established figure in Toobworld, both during World War II and during the 1970s. I'm sure she looks exactly the same still if we got to see the real one today. And she was well-known because of the publicity on the adventures she had.
As for Dr. Cameron Saroyan's costume as Catwoman, she was basing her look on the fictionalized movie starring Halle Berry. It doesn't negate the existence of the real Catwoman who prowled Gotham City back in the 1960s, nor that of Tia Mara, the thief who once worked for the IMF during the '60s and who replaced the original Catwoman after she died in a cavern fall, nor that of Betty Jones, who took the place of the original Catwoman until she was captured. (After she was reformed and released, Betty Jones later married the policeman who captured her and then went to work for her private eye father-in-law when she was widowed.)

'Wonder Woman'
'Barnaby Jones'
'Mission: Impossible'
"Batman" - the movie

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