Thursday, November 1, 2007


The most intriguing moment in this week's episode of 'Heroes' ("The Line") came when HRG and the Haitian were interrogating the Russian who had once been HRG's mentor in the Company. Faced with losing his memories of his dead daughter at the hands of the Haitian, Ivan told them that the paintings they were seeking were in a warehouse. And that warehouse was near the trainyards where they had "tagged the liquid man".

Could it be that this was a clue? That we might see such a character show up on 'Heroes' before the season is over?

The Liquid Man has already appeared in a different universe of 'Heroes' - in the online graphic novel connected to the show. But even though that may be presenting stories that have occurred in the TV Universe, those images belong to a separate universe based on Mankind's artistic output, that of a comic book world.
Until the Liquid Man actually appears in the show, all we can say for certain is that he exists in the TV Universe. We can't say we know what he looks like based on his image in the graphic novel.

Toby OB

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