Tuesday, November 14, 2006


At one point during last week's episode of 'Studio 60', producer Danny Tripp says to his good friend (and the show's head writer) Matt Albie:

"That would be an unusual, interesting, creative direction for 'CSI: Miami.'"

Am I bovvered? But nooooooooo!

I was only momentarily taken aback by hearing that Zonk, but I quickly found a way to work around it.

In Toobworld, there must be a TV show called 'CSI: Miami'. However, it's not a crime drama, but rather a factual series about forensics down in Florida. It would be the type of show that we'd find on the Discovery Channel here in the Trueniverse.

The 'CSI: Miami' in Toobworld is probably narrated by Bill Kurtis.

In fact, here in the Real World we have almost the same situation - a procedural crime drama called 'Cold Case', and a documentary type of series called 'Cold Case Files'.

So, no Zonk need apply.


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