Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Thanks to TVGal Amy over at Zap2It.com (and her faithful reader Kim) I learned that there was a hotel named the Hyperion in the 'Bones' episode "The Girl With The Curl".

(I love 'Bones', but I've been watching '30 Rock' that first half hour and 'Jericho' for the second instead this season. Last week I stayed with 'Bones' and alternated with 'Jericho' during the commercials, and didn't miss much on 'Jericho' that needed catching up. This may be my pattern from now on. So anyway, I missed "The Girl With The Curl".)

The Hyperion Hotel was the old hotel where Angel set up shop with his buddies for a couple of seasons on 'Angel'. But that hotel was located in Los Angeles, and from what I could find out on the web in various forums and episode guides, the hotel where the beauty pageant took place was in Virginia.

So this could play out two different ways. Either this was just a fluke coincidence which makes no connection between 'Bones' and 'Angel', or we can try some pretzel logic to make that link.

It wouldn't be very hard - the name Hyperion Hotel could be a brand, in much the same way as Marriott, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Motel 6 are the umbrella names for hotels all over the country.

And if so, then the parent company owns both buildings and that would be a link between 'Angel' and 'Bones' based on location, location, location.

It sounds kind of boring, but considering the rumor that David Boreanaz would really like to keep his 'Angel' past away from his work on 'Bones', I guess it may be the best we can expect.



Boris the Bewildered said...

considering the rumor that David Boreanaz would really like to keep his 'Angel' past away from his work on 'Bones'"

This "rumor" is been fueled by clueless reporters who can't even report a scoop correctly...Disregard.
"Bones" had plenty of winks at Angel fans - starting with Booth's quest for redemption in the pilot and several visuals and alumni troughout. Other than that, there's nothing boring about your speculations. Keep it up!

Tele-Toby said...

Thanks, Boris!

When it comes to stuff like that, I have but the two eyes working for Toobworld - and even then not always in synch....

One problem in looking more at the forest (Toobworld) than the trees (specific shows), a lot of info does slip by.

Thankfully I have readers like you to help me catch what I missed on my own!