Sunday, November 12, 2006


When the Doctor first showed up at Rose's flat in the Powell Estates in the 'Doctor Who' episode "Rose", he flipped through a gossip magazine and remarked upon seeing a picture of some unknown celebrity couple:

"That won't last; he's gay and she's an alien."


Let's say you are in the public eye when accusations arise about your sexual preferences. These rumors (and that's all we're prepared to say that they are) threaten not only your career but also your affiliation with an organization based upon a system of belief. Powerful forces within that organization would set about in search for a woman would would hopefully dispel any notion that you might not be the man of action exemplified by your public persona.

But the front men for that organization would soon find out that such a quest was not as easy as they thought. They would work through their list of A-List actresses - only the finest for the man who is the face for their organization! - only to be rebuffed in the interview process. Finally they would find a subject willing to be the "beard" in the bottom tier of the B-List.

Now, let's say that this system of belief was based on something akin to mythology; one that involved alien intervention and ancient alien wars. What if some of those ancient alien enemies still existed today, and that they were looking for a way to exact revenge?

If these other aliens were monitoring the activities of this organization closely, they would have learned of this subterfuge to protect their most visible member. In fact, these other aliens may have even begun the nasty rumors in the first place, in order to reach this point where they might step in with their own candidate.

Their candidate would be one of their own species and they would do all within their power to make sure that their candidate remained the only viable one, removing all others from contention through any means at their disposal.

These other humans may not be human in appearance at all. They may be some kind of energy-based life forms that could inhabit a human host. If this scenario had any merit in Toobworld (certainly NOT in the Trueniverse!), this is the way I can see it playing out.

Such a subject for alien takeover would suddenly seem to turn her back on her own system of beliefs, and defy everything her parents seemed to believe in as well. She would display behavior that would seem... alien to how everyone who knew her remembered her.

The main point of this attack from within would be to bring embarrassment to the public face of the controversial organization. For the alien wars of tomorrow will not be fought with lasers and death rays, but with bad press......

And that would even include jeopardizing any child borne from a union between this public figure and the alien-possessed female. This child, which was meant to prove that the target of those rumors was a true man's man, would also need to be heralded as the great symbol of the organization's future. So nothing should be allowed to go wrong with the pregnancy.

Of course, that would be before the public figure was somehow persuaded by unknown advisors to do something outlandish. Let's say, oh, I don't know.... perhaps the celebrity is convined that he should get his own sonogram machine and perform such procedures on his unborn child over and over and over again in the privacy of his own home.......

If something did untoward happen in the delivery of a child, the organization would do all that it could to keep it hidden from view for as long as they could. Meanwhile, the other aliens would be using the investigative tools of an online gossip site to uncover the truth and expose it to the world. The secretive organization would then have to scramble in order to find a replacement for the child.

And somewhere in the frozen wastelands to the north, an Eskmo family grieves for the disappearance of their baby...........

Remember, this is something that would be taking place in the TV Universe, NOT the Real World. And in TV, all things are possible.

But did you know that in 1918, there was a movie called "The Cruise Of The Make-Believes"?

Just sayin', is all.


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