Tuesday, November 14, 2006


My allies at "TVaholic" (although they're probably not even aware of my existence, even though we're both members of "Friends of Bill Paley"......) have supplied this telling dialogue exchange that forges a new link in the TV Universe:

Show: The O.C. (FOX)
Episode: The Cold Turkey (Season 4)
The Setup: Summer and her father are talking at the airport as she is heading back to college. Her dad may be accepting a job at a hospital in Seattle.
Dr. Roberts: It’s so crazy. To think the next time you come home I may not be living here.
Summer: Yah, are you going to take that job in Seattle?
Dr. Roberts: Well the offer came at the perfect time. The hospital is famous for being wonderfully quirky; it’s called Seattle Grace.

I'm trusting in TVaholic's transcription as being correct, as I don't watch the show. (I've only seen two episodes: the one with George Lucas, and the one in which Mischa Barton kicked the bucket.)

It reads rather clunkish, and I guess it would depend on the skills of the actors involved to make it work. But even if these lines were delivered by Mrs. Higgins' third-grade class, they remain true to the Toobworld tenet that if it's broadcast, it's part of the TV Universe. So this would be a legitimate link between 'The O.C.' and 'Grey's Anatomy'.

Now if only we could get some other show that's part of the "official" TV Universe, it would be a cause for joy among the Westphallians....


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