Sunday, November 12, 2006


Notched off another classic 'Doctor Who' adventure in my long overdue game of catch-up. It was another in the Peter Davison series as the Fifth Doctor, "Castrovalva". (In fact, it's his first. I realized during "Time-Flight" that I should've switched the viewing order.)

Anyway, the pseudo-kid Shoe Hand warned me about "the penis shot", and I just figured he was referring to some phallic statuary or perhaps a one-eyed worm of a monster. I didn't realize Sean was being literal!

So I'm thinking that if 'Lost In Space' had remained true to its original sense of atmosphere - dark and dangerous - and character development, we might have seen Will Robinson end up in a similar situation with Dr. Smith as Adric found himself with the Master in "Castrovalva": all trussed up, with half a boner, and whimpering, "What do you want me to do.....?"; while Dr. Smith leers lasciviously.

Come on! It's not like we weren't already halfway there with the way 'Lost In Space' turned out anyway!

Just sayin', is all....


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