Sunday, November 12, 2006


Over in the Live Journal for "Tommy Westphall's Mind", I posted the following:

So now "Las Vegas" has three known links, if I've got my figures right:

"Crossing Jordan"

It didn't take long for a reply....

Subject: Las Vegas show links
Four links, now.
The Nov. 10 2006 episode of NBC's Las Vegas referred to The Office's Dunder Mifflin Inc., who apparently reserved a large conference room at the Monticito Casino, requiring our heroes to provide additional security for them.

I'm hoping 'The Office' will one day make a connection to the British series which inspired it as an American remake. There was supposed to be an appearance by three of the characters from the UK's 'The Office' this season, but that rumor seems to have been shot down... for now. With the actress from that show now appearing in a small role on 'Studio 60' (also on NBC), there's always the chance her character may still appear in Scranton, Pa.

And if that happens, there's always the link from the Britcom to 'Lost' and 'Alias'......

I'd love to see all of the clones of 'The Office' eventually link up - Canada's, Germany's, France's, (India?); as though they are all subsidiaries of one global corporation!

But for now, it's part of the Vegas clique!



Anonymous said...

Could you imagine an Office/Vegas crossover - what happens in vegas stays in vegas could play real well into the Office characters !!

Toby said...

I think that if Big Ed had to endure five minutes with Michael Scott, he'd have Michael taken out to the desert and left there to die......

And hilarity ensues!