Monday, November 13, 2006


There's one last splainin needed for "The Usual Suspects", last Thursday's episode of 'Supernatural'. And it's not so much about Zonks as it is a Missing Link.....

The episode took place in Baltimore, Maryland, and some of the action took place in the homicide department at a police precinct house.

Although the architecture and decor was similar to that which we're familiar in 'Homicide: Life On The Street', it's not the same place, unfortunately. It could be one of the other floors in the same building, but definitely the layout of their version of "The Box" proves it's not the same place as where Frank Pemberton did his best work.

Also, the detective played by Linda Blair was named Diane Ballard. This is the same last name as the detective played by Callie Thorne on 'H:LOTS', Laura Ballard.

Laura Ballard had previously been working in Seattle (where she may have known/worked with the father of 'Frasier', Martin Crane - before he retired due to an injury.) Perhaps one reason that she moved to Baltimore was that she was moving back home. Although we never heard mention of Diane on 'H:LOTS', it could be that she and Laura Ballard are sisters.

(Hard to believe that Diane is the older of the two. First off, we met Laura first, but also Callie Thorne carries herself with the aura of a woman who's seen a lot over the years, even though she was only born in 1969.)

There's always the chance that it was mentioned that Laura Ballard had no sisters. That's cool. We can always claim that she and Diane are cousins.

It's not like they looked that similar anyway.....


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