Wednesday, November 15, 2006


We had a couple of Zonks courtesy of Aaron Sorkin in this week's conclusion of a 'Studio 60' two-parter.

First up:

"We're in the middle of an episode of 'Walker, Texas Ranger'."
Danny Tripp

Unlike all those pop culture references from last week's 'Supernatural', Sorkin left no wiggle room with the mention of the Chuck Norris show. He had to beat the audience over the head with the fact that 'Walker, Texas Ranger' IS A TV SHOW!!!!

This thing is, I don't think he was insulting the middle of the road, heartland America audience - as he seems to be doing with every other aspect of 'Studio 60'.

No, this time I think he didn't believe his dream audience of "intelligentsia" and the "cognoscentii" have never even heard of the martial arts Western before.

So, this is basically a true Zonk. We can only assume that some TV network decided to buy the rights to the life story of Cordell Walker so that they could make a TV show about him; in much the same way as was done with 'Serpico' and 'Toma' in the Real World. That would be the only way to disperse this Zonk.......



Brent McKee said...

And then there was the judge's constant mocking references to the NBS lawyer as "Matlock". It could be that he was referring to the TV show. On the other hand it could be that he was comparing the lawyer unfavorably to Ben Matlock, who is after all pretty well known even outside his home territory in Georgia, mainly for outsmarting high priced city lawyers with his countrified ways.

Toby said...

My next one, Brent! Wrote them both up at work overnight, but got sleepy and went down for nappies.

It'll be up in a few minutes, with an added twist....