Friday, November 17, 2006


So, following up 'The Office' and its Staples plug during the show, '30 Rock' does it again. This time for Snapple, made from the best stuff on Earth. (oops, that'd be a plug, wouldn't it?)

They were going for the post-ironic, self-referential vibe with the running gag, and they even talked about it as such. Being a show that takes place behind the scenes in the very building who employs them, there's going to be plenty of this cropping in the scripts.

And it all would have worked - look at us! GE wants us to sell out, and instead we're selling out to Snapple in the episode! - if it hadn't been for that Snapple blipvert that filled our screens as soon as the first scene was over.

Wasn't the mention in the show enough to get the 30 pieces of silver from Snapple, Peacock? Soon as your greed allowed the commercial to air, all of the goodwill from the self-mocking went sailing off the roof of 30 Rock - along with Frank's clothing....


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