Thursday, November 16, 2006


Kristin from E! Online had this scoop:

Earlier this morning, I pried an awesome tidbit out of Bill Lawrence: Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura on 'Heroes') has long had a recurring role on Scrubs as Franklyn, a worker in the blood lab. The 'Scrubs' producers want to bring him back this season, but with his powers from 'Heroes' intact! That, my friends, is two great tastes that taste great together.

It's a cute idea, but I hope they do more with it than just have Franklyn do the same things that Hiro can. I'm sure NBC would love for the shows to be actually linked so that 'Scrubs' can get as much promotional power as it can from such a crossover. ('Heroes' has overtaken 'Ugly Betty' for the biggest hit among the new shows.)

And thanks to his super-powers of bending time, Hiro could actually BE Franklyn! And thus, even though we met Franklyn first in the five episodes he's done so far on 'Scrubs', it is Hiro that first appears in the Toobworld timeline.

Once he has mastered the English language, his future self could go back in Time and work undercover at Sacred Heart. (That's the name of the hospital, right?)

As Franklyn works in the blood lab, he could be there researching how the genetic alterations in the blood are happening which can create super-powered people all over the world.

That's the way I'd go with it, but I'm not Bill Lawrence. So what he says, goes.

If they don't make that connection, I hope his re-appearance on the show can leave well enough alone. Just make a general in-joke and leave it at that. Don't get too specific in making reference to 'Heroes', and be general enough so that I can step in and make it compatible with Toobworld.


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