Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Decided to toss a C-note towards expanding the Toobworld Central DVD library today.....

"Taxi" - The Complete First Season
There never was an introduction like the first full sighting we had of Louie dePalma!

"Columbo" - The Complete Sixth & Seventh Seasons in one collection
Contains my second favorite episode, "Try And Catch Me". But I could have sworn that "Identity Crisis" and "Double Negative" were sixth seasoners.....

"Jonathan Winters: Rare & Riotous"
One of my comedy idols, right up there with Red Skelton, in excerpts from a Jack Paar interview, "The Chevy Show", and even a PSA.

"Gang Busters"
Six episodes of the hoary old cop show; looks to be "turnerized"..

"The World Of Oz"
Four of the silent movies about the L. Frank Baum classic: "The Wizard Of Oz"
"His Majesty, The Scarecrow Of Oz"
"The Patchwork Girl Of Oz"
"The Magic Cloak Of Oz"

And I brought all of that in with twenty bucks to spare.


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