Saturday, November 18, 2006


Jack Monk, the father of Adrian 'Monk', lives in Midland, Texas, with his third son, Jack Monk, Jr.

As a trucker, he's likely had quite a few meals at the Burnt Toast Diner, which we saw this past week in 'Heroes'. It's the diner where Charlie (aka "Google Girl") worked and where she met Hiro and Ando.

Since this week's episode of 'Monk' was a special holiday edition geared towards the Christmas season (and probably for the Christmas of 2006), and since Hiro has now gone back in Time in order to save Charlie from her fate, we could make a Missing Link between the shows.

Should we ever see a rig parked outside the Burnt Toast Diner, we can make the assumption that it's another truck that Jack Monk is driving. And to allay any questions as to why we don't see Jack Monk? Maybe he's in the men's room during that particular scene.....


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