Friday, June 12, 2009


'Knight Rider' (the pilot movie for the remake)
'Boston Legal'
'The Big Bang Theory'
'One Man's Family'
'Grey's Anatomy'
'Party Of Five'
'One Tree Hill'
'Too Close For Comfort'

What ties all those shows together in Toobworld? A real world school, Stanford University, was the alma mater for characters in some of those shows; it was a school option for others; and it was the scene for some of the action in the rest. (With 'Too Close For Comfort', it was just that Henry Rush once wore its sweatshirt.....)

Stanford will come into play again this fall when 'The Deep End' premieres on ABC. The series is a drama about four of the best and brightest among the recent law school graduates who now have to swim among the sharks at the law firm which hired them.


(Thanks to "Child Of Television" Brent - link to the left! - for the info.)

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