Monday, June 8, 2009


Just a quick note:

I've seen a bleeped version of the 'Nurse Jackie' pilot on I liked it a lot and would watch it every week - if I had Showtime. But I can't even justify the cost of HBO for the series I watch on that, so I'm not about to add another one premium channel.

But it adds a new hospital to TV-Manhattan, All Saints. (Does anybody know the name of the hospital at the beginning of the 'Royal Pains' pilot, where he lost his privileges?) And there may be something to the idea that TV characters who resemble each other may lead parallel lives. (In this case: Jackie and Eddie act on the sexual impulses which Carmela Soprano couldn't with Father Phil.)

If you have Showtime, I recommend that you check out the series. It begins Monday night at 10:30 ET...


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