Wednesday, June 10, 2009


After splainin the recent references on other TV shows to 'Batman', 'The Adventures Of Superman', and 'The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles', I realized that I'm going to have to keep doing that over and over if I'm to remain working in the blog format. On my to-do list for the Future would be an actual website for Toobworld Central, on which I could have the permanent answers to so many of the cosmic questions about the TV Universe.

(This one, from the pilot episode of 'Nurse Jackie', would not be in that list: "What does one serve as a side dish when serving John the Baptist's head on a silver platter?")

But the site would include the splainins which "de-Zonk" any references to the following shows and TV characters, which should be sharing the same TV dimension where the mentions were made:

'Star Trek'
'Doctor Who'
'The Brady Bunch'
'Gilligan's Island'
'Indiana Jones'
'The X-Files'
'Murphy Brown'
'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'

and many more.....

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