Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Although I thought it might have the number "42", I think it's "23" of the 'Lost' numerical sequence which shows up most often in Toobworld. In the opening sequence from the pilot of 'Royal Pains', a NYC basketball player was seen wearing "23" on his jersey as Dr. Hank Lawson worked to save the life of one of their fellow B-ballers who had been stricken on the court. That someone was wearing that number, with all of its still-unknown mystical qualities, just as Dr. Hank's life was about go through a radical change, makes me wonder if it was a sign that the Fates were about to step in.

(I'm pretty certain it wasn't an intentional allusion from one show to the other! LOL)

The other day, Sci-Fi ran a marathon of 'Friday The 13th: The Series' episodes; one of which was "Mightier Than The Sword". At one point, Detective Adams mentioned that he had been on the police force for 23 years. A few minutes later, that run was ended.....

The number "23" on a jersey showed up again, but this time in the real world. As seen here on the front page of the NY Daily News, the NYPD football team won the game against the FDNY in honor of fallen officer Omar Edwards.

If I'm not mistaken, the officer holding the "23" jersey aloft is himself wearing "42".....


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