Friday, June 12, 2009


TVSquad wrote about the casting rumor floating about of Jack Black beaming on board the next 'Star Trek' movie as con man Harry Mudd (a role twice assayed by Roger C. Carmel.)

Here's my response:

I just hope they don't turn to doing a 'Space Seed' Khan reboot; 'The Wrath Of Khan' was the perfect coda to that story, even if it is set in another reality now.

I'd like to see them revisit the story of "Charlie X". But maybe go the 'BSG'/Starbuck route and have young Charlie be a girl this time.

And for the casting rumor mill: Ellen Page!

For those who don't remember that 'Star Trek' episode, Charles Evans was a 17 year old who spent most of his life alone on the planet Thasus until he was rescued by the space freighter crew of the Antares. Once handed over to the Enterprise, Charlie began to exhibit dangerous mental powers similar to those of Anthony Fremont in the 'Twilight Zone' episode "It's A Good Life".

Finally, the disembodied Thasians arrive to take Charlie back to their planet where they can keep an eye on him. They gave him the powers in order for him to survive on Thasus, but now those same powers make him too dangerous to live among others.

Charlie has one of the most haunting exits you'll ever see in any TV show.

And I think Ellen Page would knock this role into the Delta Quadrant!

Just sayin' is all......


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Mercurie said...

Oh, Ellen Page would definitely be a perfect Charley (I figure that's the feminine of Charlie).