Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Here's a segment from Alan Sepinwall's interview with Edie Falco about her new show 'Nurse Jackie' which jumped out at me with regards to Toobworld:

What's the experience been like working with Paul Schulze again, in arelationship that's similar in some ways but in others very much not?

Well, Paul Schulze is one of my oldest friends in the whole world. We've known each other about 30 years. This is something like 15 or 17 projects we've worked together on -- films, plays, musicals, theater, movies -- we've traveled in a pocket of people who graduated from Purchase and have worked together a lot. And throughout the years, we've played every kind of relationship that a man and woman could have. Very little is completely new. We played husband and wife in a movie called Sweet Talk a million years ago. There were reverberations of that when we were working together on this. I love Paul, I've worked with him so many times.

On a meta level, it's just so weird to see Father Phil finally --

I know, I know -- getting what he wanted. (Laughs) Ah, what are you gonna do?

Actually I'd say she was the one who finally got what she wanted, as Father Phil was more interested in the DVD collection of 'The Sopranos' than he was in her. But aside from that..... As I mentioned in that post about 'Nurse Jackie', the relationship between Jackie and Eddie the hospital pharmacist could have "spiritual" connections to Carmela and Father Phil, the two characters previously played by Falco and Paul Schulze on TV. It would be something akin to the situation with the Corsican Brothers - whatever one twin felt, so would the other. We even see this happen in real life every so often.

As Dana Scully once pointed out on 'The X-Files', Nature produces only so many originals. This is a good splainin as to why so many TV characters look alike - without us having to admit that it is all just television and not an alternate reality, and that they all look alike because they're played by the same actors.

And so these copies could somehow be linked to each other on some primal (or prime-timal) level and feel what the others feel.

In this case, if two characters in a show or TV movie are played by Falco and Schulze, they will always feel that same level of attraction to each other. But Father Phil and Carmela couldn't act on it in 'The Sopranos', but even marriage to others couldn't keep Eddie and 'Nurse Jackie' from connecting with each other.

Just a theory....


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Peteski said...

This is way late but just I found your blog.

Check into "Laws of Gravity" if you'd like, they've worked together before the Sopranos.