Thursday, December 6, 2007


More proof that the world of the TV Universe has to include online content: the creators of the show 'The Pretender' want to bring it back "in a whole new form, in a digital form and in a digital platform." So says Steven Long Mitchell, who was partnered with Craig Van Sickle in the show's creation. (Am I assuming "digital form in a digital platform" means the internet and iPhones etc. or is there something else on the horizon I'm unaware of?)

Van Sickle also said that it may come back with Michael T. Weiss, but I guess if that falls through they'll be ready to go in a new direction. If so, I'm hoping they do NOT recast the role of Jarod, but instead create a new character with the same abilities and who is working with the legacy of what Jarod had done previously. Otherwise, as far as Toobworld is concerned (not that they'd ever worry about that!), the new version of 'The Pretender' would have to be shipped off to that TV dimension of remakes.

Toby OB

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